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Our philosophy for suppliers

These are our brands

1. Wallbox Chargers S.R.

The Spanish producer for charging technology with branches in Barcelona and Madrid (#Neath😅) Only founded in 2015 by two former Tesla engineers. We met "Wallbox Chargers" in 2018 at the EMOVE360 ° fair in Munich before our own shop has ever been designed. In addition to the great team, we noticed directly positively: "Finally someone of the technology and design can." The Wallbox Copper C had next to an aluminum shell, the first facial recognition à la smartphone to authorize the charging process.

In total, for us: European supplier + innovative technology, great design + startup-compliant communication = first wallbox supplier for e-eautos.de/shop. By the way, we orders all products via Dropshipping, so the direct delivery from the manufacturer to the end customer. For the buyer this means a slightly longer delivery time, but it is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than the goods to be shipped several times and parked in different camps.

2. Good Helden GmbH & Co. KG. Powered byShirtigo

Electric car drivers are part of a community and have taken changes in personal mobility in favor of sustainability. We have always kept the eyes open to Merchandising, for people who feel belonging to this community. We have come to the "good heroes". Not only because the fashion products have humorous designs, are produced climate-neutral and comply with Fairtrade standards, but above all because people behind the brand are convinced electromobiles and among other things the podcast "Bytes'n'Batteries"Host in whom we even were already allowed to be a guest.

In addition, we produce exclusively "on Demand" in cooperation with the "good heroes". So no meaningless large quantities are prepared in advance and expensive, but the customer triggers the production of exactly his selected garment with his order.

3. Easee Deutschland GmbH

Our Colleague Evelinwould start now the song "Easy" from the rapper "Cro" to buzz😁. In fact, Easee came to us at the end of September. "We start in Germany and looking resellers" said and we were looking forward to the presentation. As a rule, we do not want to make our assortment not by numerous uptake of manufacturers to a belly shop. Easee's products, however, fit in the points brand appearance, technology and sustainability perfectly with our corporate values. Since the end of October 2020 we are proud Easee Partners and have set a successful start.

4. K.H.O.N.S.

Our fourth manufacturer is the Chinese company k.h.o.n.s .. The company has been on the market since 2012 and specializes in charging accessories for electric cars. What was crucial from the beginning are qualitatively perfect products with tested TÜV certificates and CE marks and direct communication.

Together, the CO2 footprint was already minimized for the logistical expenses of the goods from China by accepting extremely long order times and gets the goods by train over the side street to us.


5. myenergi GmbH


Welcome Myenergi 🤗 - Since the beginning of 2021 the specialists of Myenergi are with their Zappi wallboxes integrated into our assortment. With the claim "through ecologically intelligent technology in a sustainable future," fits the right to our values. Zappi by Myenergi is the best price-performance solution for the concrete case of the PV excess loading. Creates a photovoltaic system more electricity than the house consumers need, the Zappi directs the electricity excess directly into the E-car. We had numerous inquiries from customers and therefore have several months through the market throughout - Zappi is here the recommendation!