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Payment systems and apps - e-aaos.de/shop

Charging the electric car on the way - but how do you pay for public charging points and what do you need for? Which apps are most useful to find the nearest charging column. Some integrated networks of vehicles capture the surrounding charging stations and insert them as required as an intermediate target into the route. 

Alternatively, there are various apps for the mobile phone that also provide help in this regard and above all: which is often often able to realize the payment. We introduce you to the most common apps for loading your electric car in this overview, with the order arbitrarily chosen. 

1. Plugsurfing

Find public charging stations in the immediate vicinity and across the vendors as possible: this promises the app for Android and iOS app plugsurfing that knows electricity stations throughout Europe. For this you deposit your preferred payment method, such as PayPal or the credit card. From there, only the costs for your monthly charges will be deducted. Because the payment via app is not possible on all charging columns, plugsurfing also offers an RFID key chain. With this further providers will find their support. 

Other features

  • Current price information about each charging station
  • Filters for criteria such as connector type, loading speed and payment options
  • Data is also available without internet connection of the smartphone

2. NewMotion

More than 100,000 charging stations in Europe have the NewMotion App Parat with the associated RFID card. On this basis, you tell you the electricity tank stations in your area, including important corner data such as the current availability, charging speed and costs. If the desired loading point is occupied, the NewMotion notifies you on request when it gets free again. You choose your vehicle via the app and get the matching charging stations filtered. The application can be downloaded for both Android smartphones and Apple's iPhones. 

Other features

  • Users can enter their own charging station and provide others
  • Estimate the price of charging based on vehicle-specific loads
  • Load charging operations on supported stations via app and exit

3. ChargeGemap

With the Chargemap Pass, users receive an RFID card that allows you to make payments on a growing number of charging networks throughout Europe. At the end of a month, an invoice will be created on which your charges made including the associated costs are listed. Apart from that, with the app available for Android and iOS, you have the opportunity to find charging stations near you or along a specific route. In real time, the application checks for you whether the desired loading point is currently occupied or free. To do this, you will serve you more important information such as supported plug types, access procedures or reviews of other users. 

Other features

  • Reviews, comments and photos Add to the charging points
  • Filter by stations with Chargemap Pass
  • Track consumption in real time 

4. ChargeV

For those who are traveling specifically in the roof region, the app Chargev has the matching charging stations on the screen. It works cross-providers as they accessed databases of independent directories. It is important, however, that you use an Apple device, because the application is currently available for iOS. For this she makes you easier to find your desired station with different filters. For example, you can search for quick shop, specific opening hours, special providers or even free stations. 

Other features

  • Share your own experiences and photos with the community
  • Frequently used charging points saving as a favorite
  • inform about technical problems in individual stations 

5. single stream shop

An RFID charging card also offers easy-to-current shop. You will receive a monthly, detailed invoice. The app is available for download both in Google's Play Store and Apple App Store. Again, you simply filter after matching plug type and currently available charging stations near you. Upon request, the application also navigates to your selected electricity tank station. 

Other features

  • If you use certain charging points more frequently, then deposit them as a favorite
  • View past charges and retrieve status of the current charging process
  • QR code scanner for starting a charging   

6. Loading Net.de

The provider LADZETZ.de promises to have the entire public charging infrastructure in the vicinity of the user. In order to meet the effects, the operators work together with numerous energy suppliers and traders. This has a comprehensive database that makes it easy for electric cars to find the next electricity tank station. The Laßenzetz.de app is available for download for Android and iOS. In addition, the charging card is offered as a RFID card for the uncomplicated energy supply to many stations.

Other features

  • The app navigates you to the desired loading point
  • Create a favorites list with your most commonly used stations
  • Real-time information about the occupancy, opening hours, loading speed, tariffs and plug types