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Wallbox installers watched! Will part of our network.

4 reasonsWhy you should enter the network:
1. No fees or costs
2. New customer group from your area
3. Receive follow-up orders after successful wallbox installation
4. Waxes just with our platform 🤝🚗🔋

Objective of the installer network

Wallbox Buyers are looking for an electrician in your area right now after an electrician. With the construction of our Installer network Let's summarize electrical installers from Germany, Austria or Switzerland, which deal with this innovative topic. About the network, wallbox buyers and specialists are brought together for installation.

By entering his postal code, the user sees installers in its surroundings. To increase the likelihood of a request, you can specify a price per working hour and direction per kilometer as an installer. On this basis, the user selects his preferred operation and the request lands directly in your mailbox under the specified email address.

So you will be part of our installer network

The entry in the Installer network takes a few minutes and brings No fees or costs With it. Enter yourself in our online form and provide us with your business logo, then you will be integrated soon. All products from our shop are installed without special training of electricians.




What we expect from you


  • Keep your specified reaction time on new customer inquiries
  • Communicate polite and advise customers with their challenges
  • With reliability for appointment agreements not only the satisfaction of the customers increases, but also the probability for you to receive a follow-up order


Benefit from products from the e-autos.de/shop


As an installer in our network you are Notobligated to offer our products. For installation at customers stand for every wallbox exact Installation instructions, videos and data sheets ready. If you have further technical questions, please come directly to us.
You want to offer our selected manufacturers and products to your customer base? Then you like to contact us direct contact with us and you will receive preferred purchases as installers.
Request to:shop@e-autos.de 
Telephone at: 0351 - 811 35 095