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Wallbox Selection and installation - All information for tenants to your own charging station

You are a tenant of an apartment or a house and drive an electric car, a plug-in hybrid or plan to buy an electrified vehicle? Then you certainly know the problem "How can I as a tenant create a charging option in my garage, underground car park or parking space?". Granted it is not easy, but we give you a step by step instructions like you can get to your personal charging point.

What is the legal situation in general as a tenant?

The attachment of a wallbox is regulated by theHousing Owners Act (Way). To date, the tenant's way was an application to the owner or the owner assembly. Often this application for multi-family houses has been groundlessly rejected.

In the Law Design of March 2020, the Federal Government grants each tenant entitled to install a loading point at the parking lot of the E-car. This is to curb the sluggish growth of private charging points. Each individual housing owner and / or tenant can then install a loading point when taking costs. What the bill does not regulate, the acquisition of general expenses during installation, which would have to be split the same part of all parties.

<<< Update from 21.09.2020 >>>

The Bundestag has the right to private charging opportunity! Final decided and the change in the residential property law should come into force from November 2020
Specifically, the change of law opens up the following possibilities:

➡ The owner assembly must continue to decide to install a private wallbox, however, may Not reject
➡ Housing owners who do not want to use the wallbox, must not incur any costs, means a tenant invite to their parking space, he must bear the cost of the installation
➡ Structural changes to the house stream may not be transferred to all owners / tenants, but only to those who want to recharge in the future
➡ Charging points are to be attached to assignable parking spaces, not on freely usable footprints
➡ The way applies to e-cars, two-wheelers, electric scooters and e-bikes

What concretely means for your wallbox project, we explain in the following step by step instructions.

1.) Owner / property manager inform about Wallbox projects.

Best inform the owner using a letter or email about your project. Explain the separate downstream and the possibility with a separate electricity meter Wallbox Decidedly to make craftable. Wise owner also on his own benefits such installation. The property is charged with the charging point more valuable and promising. Maybe even a cost division will succeed on this path.

Especially with multi-family houses the approach is several Rental or owner parties with interest in charging infrastructure too bundle up, a meaningful thing. Ask in the house community whether they may have interests and later costs together shoulders. Should it around Multiple charging points If you go in a underground car park, the right technology is one Dynamic load management. This controls intelligently simultaneous charging operations on multiple E cars to prevent a power failure.

Through the ways described above, starting in November 2020, you must set the formal application to the owner or the owner assembly. However, this may no longer be rejected as soon as no costs arise for the household and uninvolved charging point. Accordingly, a tenant party or several in the merger to establish charging points, you only need to bear the costs and provide a separate electricity meter.

TIP: Communicate for the installation of a wallbox at home also gladly with your employer. Maybe your company participates in the costs. This is currently not considered a monetary advantage.


2.) A question of security

  • Wallboxes And sometimes also connectors for mobile charging stations are power supply systems, therefore always installed by electrical installers or charging infrastructure specialists
  • All our wallboxes have oneIntegrated residual current protection
  • All wallboxes of e-aAutos.de/shop are suitable for outdoor parking spaces (at least housing protection IP / 54 IK08)
  • all Mobile charging stations  From e-autos.de/shop are suitable for outdoor parking spaces (protection class IP / 44)
  • Access restriction - have third partiesAccess to the wallbox? The authorization and release for charging takes place via smartphone app or RFID chip card. Pay attention to the exact descriptions in the product details.
  • For several wallboxes in a house unit, the wallbox must have theCommunication standard OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol)have to enable the dynamic load managemet. For example, ours Wallboxes Easee Home (Up to 3 parallel charging points on a power source) and Wallbox Easee Charge (Up to 101 parallel extensions on a power source) are ideal for creating multiple charging points in an apartment building.

3.) Select the right wallbox or mobile charging station

  • Do you use the charging point exclusively for your electric car look best if you may be a CEE socket near your parking space. Here you can do without structural measures with one Mobile charging station Charge and then take in the trunk. The advantage? You do not need to make a structural intervention and can charge your E-car at an existing power source.
  • Should it be a permanently installed wallbox with electricity settlement for one or more users, then ...
    • select the right plug-in types for your electric car or plug-in hybrid; also like the visualizations of our Plug overview
    • The charging power can be 7.4 kW (for vehicles with type 1 plug), 11 kW and 22 kW Lying, recommended for plug-in hybrids or smaller electric cars the 11 kW variant (not subject to approval see "Web operators inform"), for electric cars with large batteries the 22 kW wallbox makes sense. If you decide future-oriented, creates the 22 kW wallbox (is at 11 kW drossible) with a marginal higher price.
    • Right cable length or a pplug-in-wallbox: where is the charging connection of your electric car? Is the connection at the rear, on the front fender or on the nose of the car? In compliance with the desired parercus direction, you can choose between 5 meters and 7 meters in wallboxes with tightly battered cable. For example, see ours Wallbox Pulsar Plus or Wallbox Commander 2 at times.
    • If you want to provide multiple electric cars from a charging point, we advise against a plug-in wallbox. On these wallboxes the electric car is simply with theExternal charging cablesFrom the trunk connected to the wallbox. Take a look at ours Wallbox Copper SB or our brand new Easee wallboxes from Norway.
    • Last criterion: How smart must be my wallbox? First, are up to the standard Wallbox PulsarAll other wallboxes available in the e-aaos.de/Shop are according to the definition "intelligent wallboxes". All models of Wallbox Chargers or Easee Wallbox Have internet access (via WiFi, LAN or 4G SIM card), can communicate with power grid and power suppliers and are controllable via app or software.
    • Torn back and forth and not yet 100% safely, then come to us with the open questions: shop@e-autos.de or +49 (0) 351 811 35 095 We like to help! 😊 🚗 🔋 
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4.) Find installer and install installation costs

Do you have the commitment to install the owner and the Wallbox It is selected with the installation.Who installs the wallbox? How much does the installation and who bears these costs? and Which invisible hurdles lurk until the first charging process on the own wallbox?Here we summarize the steps and tips for you:

  • Installation partner are classic electrical installers or specialized partner companies for charging infrastructure
  • 1. Tip:Check from your parking lot from the shortest path to a power source. If no matching power source is in sight, you can possibly exchange with another parking space tenant so as not to generate unnecessarily costs for cable laying.
  • The average installation of a wallbox including briefing takes about 4 working hours, if the power connection already applies to the parking space. In the case of multi-family houses, an additional electricity meter is added, which is placed on your house stream. For some electricians the topic is also new as for the client. So fits on the expense assessment and let yourself be transparently increments which costs incurred in addition to work performance. If a corresponding power cable must also be relocated to the parking space, these costs are added.
  • For installation of wallboxes, residual current circuit breakers (FI switches) are necessary. Of the DC circuit breaker (FI B switch or FI A switch with EV DC detection) is integrated with all our wallboxes. Only the FI type A circuit breaker (costs approx. 35, - Euro) must be switched from the installer between the power source and wallbox. The information is accessible to the installation partner in the data sheets of the wallboxes.
  • 2. Tip: Wallboxes are filing here!
    • A wallbox up to and including 11 kW charging power must be in the network operator or energy supplier display become
    • A wallbox with a charging power of 22 kW must be Network operator orEnergy supplier approved become
  • Cost of installation - Experiments for the entire cost (hardware + installation) to negotiate a cost split with the owner. It is unlikely that in the case of a move, you build all the actions made back and remove your wallbox. It would therefore be a win-win situation if the costs would be fairly distributed. You can load your electric car, no more public charging column requires more and do not have to wear the costs completely. The owner has made his property for a future and did not have to pay alone.

5.) Review and information to the property management

Your last step after successful installation of a loading option, is a decrease by the property manager. This must know where the wallbox is. Test whether the electricity settlement works on the appropriate rental party and must decrease the technical device according to VDE.

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