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In general, you can load your electric car at any public charging station without much effort. Note whether your vehicle is compatible with the charging system (AC / DC?). Depending on the operator and payment system, you can inform yourself about the charging process for availability, charging time or costs. Would you like to know more, then click through our guidebook.

If a charging column is once defective, you can report this directly to the operator or in a variety of loadingApps. There you will also find a charging station suitable for your electric car near. In our guide for chargingAPPS and payment systems, you can find more.

To calculate the charging power, the number of phases, the current strength and the voltage are multiplied. In order to achieve a power of 22kW, the charging cable must ensure a voltage of 400V at 32A and 3 phases.

In general, you can easily load at each household socket with 3.7 kW. Nevertheless, we recommend you to ask an electrician if your connection is designed for long loading times. Do you use one of our charging cables on a wallbox, inquire at the manufacturer, whether it has a separate FI circuit breaker.

As soon as the charging process begins, the plugs are locked on the vehicle and the charging station. If your electric car is fully charged, the connection is released on the charging station so that the next can load its vehicle. Your cable remains locked on your car and can not be stolen.

Even in the rain you can carefree your electric car. All our products are protected splash water. In addition, the current is only released when the contact between the vehicle and the charging station is perfectly made.