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    Fragrance tree for electric car drivers for more fruit emission!

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    • Barcode: 4260727990244

    Fragrance tree for electric car and plug-in hybrid drivers 😉

    Because of emission-free! Our fragrance tree for all E-cars promises more fruit emission for fragrant scent in your electric car or plug-in hybrid.

    A boring fragrance tree should in our opinion hang on any interior mirror of an electric car, so we have one E-autos.de fragrance tree In form - well - a small battery produced. Thus, the fragrance tree can be seen on the rearview mirror and conjures upright passers-by a smile in the face.

    The saying on the battery is program, because "Here is fruit emission"The discreet long-lasting scent refreshes the vehicle interior and spray a breeze Lime aroma

    Especially in summer or if your pet is from time to time, our e-autos.de fragrance tree quickly ensures the necessary lime freshness.

    The fragrance tree is 9 cm high and 6 cm wide and can be hung directly with the elastic thread in the vehicle or simply placed in the middle tray or glove compartment.

    E-Autos.de #team

    After being offered a completely overpriced mobile charging station for our Renault Zoe, we went in search of cheap and technically safe alternatives. This led to the idea for the E-Autos.de shop.