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          Electric car wallbox & charging stations (4)

          Zaptec Go (22kW)

          32A I Typ 2 I 22kW

          Wandhalterung für Typ 2-Ladekabel...


          Zaptec Key zur Autorisierung...


          Zaptec Chill - Kabelhalterung


          Selected wallboxes buy cheap at e-autos.de. Find your intelligent wallbox in our online shop. In the selection of our providers, we deliberately value technology, design and connectivity. All our wallboxes have already integrated a residual current protection (FI-B) and are intelligent charging stations, so controllable with an app. Whether garage, carport or employee parking at the company, in our assortment you will find the right solution. Our wallbox system can map from one to 101 parallel charging points. You are not sure which wallbox is the right one? Then look either in our Wallbox navigator Or just call us, we will gladly help you!

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