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Wallbox Selection and installation - all information for companies

Your company should be modern and you are dealing with the topic of electromobility for your company? Your customers, employees or the boss personally drive an electric car or a plug-in hybrid or plan the purchase of an electrified vehicle? Then you will receive information and information about what reasons for charging infrastructure in the company, for which areas of application there are advantages and the most important advice on investment and cost framework.

Why do business need loading infrastructure for electric cars?

Charging infrastructure on the headquarters makes sense from several motifs. We want to list the advantages here and give you a help, why the construction of its own charging infrastructure offers strategically added value for your company.

1.) Electrify your own fleet

Electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid cars are particularly useful for corporate fleets with driving profiles in short and medium distances. Regional service providers such as craftsmen, delivery services, nursing services, architects, municipal facilities and much more benefit in the areas of emission saving, external representation, avoid driving bans in domestic cities and above all in terms of operating costs. Do you like to see ourselves with interest Cost comparison E-Auto Vs. Burner As a sample calculation and calculate it modeled on your individual case.


The acquisition of the E-car and associated charging infrastructure is certainly initially an investment, but especially in the maintenance of the EMAmobe, consumption costs and taxes, electric cars pay out economic in certain fields of application even after two to three years.

In addition, there are currently significant funding from the acquisition of vehicles to the construction of charging stations. Take the time now and set your company for the future on electromobility!

2.) Staff bind by mobility offers

Employee mobility is an important topic in the challenges of the labor market for good, qualified talents. State incentives enable companies to bind employees with electric cars or win new ones. E vehicles are taxed only with 0.25 percent or 0.5 percent of the gross resource of the vehicle.


Often employees are classic professional speakers and drive daily between 20 and 70 kilometers to the job. Not infrequently, a family must therefore buy a second car. Here is a small electric car from the company the ideal solution. Employers is able to achieve the employee at home charging infrastructure and even to take over the electricity costs for charging the E car without the employee as a monetary advantage.

So whether at the employee at home or on the company parking - just install the first smart wallboxes.

3.) Charging options for guests, visitors, business partners and customers

Whether medium-sized machine manufacturers, butchery branches or modern hotel - a charging station on the company car park allows you access to new target groups and visitors. Without great technical expenses you can easily with Intelligent wallboxes create a later scalable solution.


Electric car drivers love it when the car can easily be charged during shopping, shopping, food in the restaurant, sports or visiting a customer / business partner. If your charging station may also be publicly accessible during your opening hours, one speaks of semi-public charging stations. For example, you can display them in all charging stations apps.

Wallbox systems perfect for the following industries:

- Visitor parking spaces of food retailers, bakers, butchers, clothing stores, Zoohandlung, furniture stores, Fitness studios, cinemas

- Public parking garages, underground parking, parking areas

- medium-sized companies and producers

- Hospitals, clinics and other public institutions

- Business parks and commercial parks and much more

4.) Loading infrastructure ensures positive external representation

E cars have arrived in the population and everyone lips. Successful integration of emission-free vehicles and charging infrastructure in your company pays positively on your image. Companies that are now in the topic of electromobility apply as modern, innovative, environmentally conscious and sustainable. Would you like to attribute these brand values ​​to your business?

Which wallboxes for companies are there and how do I find the right one?

You are an entrepreneur or chance to the fleet in your company and you drive an electric car or a plug-in hybrid or plans to buy an electrified vehicle? Then we give you a step by step instructions like you can get to your personal charging point (s).

1.) A question of security

  • Wallboxes And sometimes also connectors for mobile charging stations are power supply systems, therefore always installed by electrical installers or charging infrastructure specialists
  • All our wallboxes have oneIntegrated residual current protection
  • All wallboxes of e-aAutos.de/shop are suitable for outdoor parking spaces (at least housing protection IP / 54 IK08)
  • Access restriction - have third people access to the wallbox? The authorization and release for charging takes place via smartphone app or RFID chip card. Pay attention to the exact descriptions in the product details.
  • For several wallboxes in a house unit, the wallbox must have the communication standard OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) to enable the dynamic load managemet. For example, ours Wallboxes Easee Home (Up to 3 parallel charging points on a power source) and Wallbox Easee Charge (Up to 101 parallel extensions on a power source) are ideal for creating multiple charging points in an apartment building.

2.) Select the right wallbox

For the selection of the right wallbox for your company, it is important to know how many charging points should arise in perspective. It is already clear that you want to gradually electrify your fleet or to get your employees gradually electric cars, you need from start to a skallierable solution. It remains about one to four loading options, with smart, intelligent entry-level models already a great solutions can be created.

1 to 4 wallboxes for your company

The following points should be considered if only a limited number of charging points connected in parallel should be installed:

  • Select the right wallbox: If you would like a wallbox with a firmly battered charging cable at the loading point, are the following models ideal for your project: Wallbox Pulsar Plus, Wallbox Commander 2 ! Would you like Wallboxen, where electric car drivers can connect with their own charging cable, fit especially the Wallbox Copper SB and the new ones Easee wallboxes Perfect!
    • The charging power can be 7.4 kW (for vehicles charging 1-phase power), 11 kW and 22 kW are, recommended is either the 11 kW variant (Do not subject to approval see "Weink operators") or electric cars with large batteries is the 22 kW wallbox useful. If you decide future-oriented, creates the 22 kW wallbox (is at 11 kW drossible) with a marginal higher price.
    • Thought for wallboxes with charging cable to the right cable length: Where is the charging connection of the electric cars? Is the plug connection on the rear, on the front fender or on the nose of the car? Nearly the desired body can be selected between 5 meters and 7 meters in wallboxes with tightly battered cable.
    • Wallbox, but no wall nearby? For all our wallboxes there are suitable feet and steles to set them off to free parking areas. For example, there is for ours Wallbox Pulsar and Pulsar Plus A pedestal (stand original from the manufacturer) and for the Wallbox Commander 2 and Copper SB the Stylish charging column onyx.
    • Torn back and forth and not yet 100% safely, then come to us with the open questions: shop@e-autos.de or +49 (0) 351 811 35 095 We like to help! 😊 🚗 🔋 
    Our absolute bestselling wallbox

    The Wallbox Easee Home is an intelligent charging solution for your home. You can easily control the loading via app to "refuel" for example cheap night stream.

    Store now

    from 4 to 101 wallboxes for your company

    For larger footprints and more complex systems in parking garages or on larger employee parking lots there are so-called Dynamic load managements the wallboxes. Up to 20 wallboxes can be controlled by a central unit (Masterbox). The principle is to measure in real time how many charging points can be used simultaneously by e-cars and distribute the total stream accordingly on the electric cars. This protects against overvoltages. Through intelligent software, you can prefer our Wallbox Charger e-cars on the wallboxes, as long as individual vehicles should be loaded on the connections faster.

    This controls a master wallbox up to 20 charging points is also called master-slave solution. In our assortment is the Wallbox Commander 2 The perfect product for scalable loading concepts. With the Commander 2 you can gradually build up to 20 wallboxes in parallel and access an intelligent and smart software system.

    You can take up to 101 parallel charging points with our Wallbox Easee Charge Building. The charging channels are intelligently crosslinked with each other via 4G-SIM and can distribute the available charging current intelligent and evenly.

    Sounds exciting, but you have some individual questions. Come with open questions to us: shop@e-autos.de or +49 (0) 351 811 35 095 We like to help! 😊 🚗 🔋

    3.) Find installer and have installation costs under control

    Who installs the wallbox? How much does the installation cost? Here we summarize the steps and tips for you:

    • Installation partner are classic electrical installers or specialized partner companies for charging infrastructure, if necessary, you even have a suitable person in your company?
    • 1. Tip:Check from available parking or parking spaces the shortest route to the power source. The most costly is usually the extension of a house or recruitment with civil engineering work etc. to the desired parking lot.
    • The average installation of a wallbox including briefing takes four working hours for a practiced installer. In the case of B2B solutions with several charging points, the current extensions to the individual charging columns are of course added. If you have a dedicated expense assessment and a transparent offer to make a dedicated expense estimate and a transparent offer.
    • For installation of wallboxes, residual current circuit breakers (FI switches) are necessary. Of the DC circuit breaker (FI B switch or FI A switch with EV DC detection) is integrated with all our wallboxes. Only the FI type A circuit breaker (costs approx. 35, - Euro) must be switched from the installer between the power source and wallbox. The information is accessible to the installation partner in the data sheets of the wallboxes.
    • 2. Tip: Wallboxes are filing here!
      • A wallbox up to and including 11 kW charging power must be in the network operator or energy supplier display become
      • A wallbox with a charging power of 22 kW must be Network operator orEnergy supplier approved become

    4.) Are there standard packages to easily start?

    A wallbox? Four wallboxes? 20 wallboxes? With which order of magnitude do you start and how many charging points do you really need?

    Our tip: If you are well visible to your company or your location first with two Wallboxen Commander 2 Plus a stylish onyx loading bar starts, you have a perfect entry into the electromobility. The hardware costs are total of approx. 3,500 euros incl. VAT plus installation costs. Depending on the structural situation, approximately 1,000 euros should be added to this.

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