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We could try puns to keep us busy and electrify our customers – but quite honestly, we've tried these phrases so many times. Instead, we make better use of the space here and tell us who is behind E-Autos.de and what our mission is.

E-Autos.de/shop is the online shop area of E-Autos.de Deutschland GmbH. Here you will find suitable charging accessories for your electric car or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Why did we build an online charging shop on www.e-autos.de in addition to the first platform for used or new electric vehicles? When we picked up our first Renault ZOE, we asked for a charging option at the Schuko socket (household socket) and got a mobile charging station for over 600 euros. "Wucher" we thought and set out in search of cheap and technical safe alternatives. Today we offer the mobile charging stations from 299 euros and now have a wide range of electric cars Charging cables, mobile charging station And Wallboxing.

We are a young team from Dresden and that's why there are now funny Fashion and humorous Tools in the shop. We are driven by a passion for digitalization and electromobility. In May 2018, we set out with nothing but knowledge and courage to map the mobility turnaround to E-Autos.de.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to E-Autos.de more or know us? OR you are looking for changes and feel like working in a startup then just write to info@e-autos.de and come to us!

The E-Autos.de #team

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"if" something "then" happens that!

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Nobody (be)writes electromobility more flowery

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