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Wallbox Easee Charge (22 kW)
Wallbox Easee Charge (22 kW)
Wallbox Easee Charge (22 kW)
Wallbox Easee Charge (22 kW)
Wallbox Easee Charge (22 kW)
Wallbox Easee Charge (22 kW)
Wallbox Easee Charge (22 kW)
Wallbox Easee Charge (22 kW)

    Wallbox Easee Charge (22 kW)

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    32A | Typ 2 | 22 kW
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    The Easee wallbox systemsare new in our assortment. The Easee Wallboxes come from the pioneer country of electromobility - Norway 🇳🇴! The wallboxes are sustainable and manufactured with minimum material use. They are produced in Norway, 69% smaller than comparable chargers are only 1.5 kilograms.EagleThere is no longer a startup and has delivered nearly 45,000 wallboxes in Scandinavia in the past 3 years.


    The Easee wallbox is smart, intelligent and has a timeless design. The Wallbox Easee Batchis ideal for Companies with employee parking, hotels, fleet operators or operators of parking garages or underground parking. MIT Wallbox Easee ChargeCan you use a skallierable solutionup to 101 charging points Create parallel.

    The special thing about the Easee charging station?

    Easee Charge Uses the applied electricity and distributes the charging power evenly to all charging points through a dynamic load balancing. Up to 101 extensions per backup of the Easee Charge can thus be operated in parallel. The load balancing works without an existing internet connection. If there are more electric cars on the charging points as a whole charging power is present, it comes directly to the queue principle without active control. The loader robots arrange the E-cars in turn and load one by one.  

    Easee Ready- The wallbox installation is conceivable simple. The wallbox consists essentially of three components. First install the backplate on the wall or Easee stand foot, click the loader robot called "ChargeRery" and attach the cover. How easy The installation is you or your installer below in our installation video.

    Easee Connecthas a built-in SIM with 4G internet connection. If your parking space has no WiFi connection or Internet cable connection, the wallbox can still connect to the software system. In addition, the Easee wallboxes have the OCPP 1.6 standard (Open Charge Point Protocol) with an accessible API interface.

    Easee look- The Wallbox has an interchangeable cover. You can choose between five different colors and, if necessary, just click on another cover on your wallbox. The eye invites!

    What does "intelligent charging station" mean?

    Easee Chargeis intelligent, that means it adapts to all electric cars, power suppliers and electricity networks. The wallbox detects whether the electric car or plug-in hybrid can be loaded 1-phase or 3-phase and also adjusts the charging power accordingly. The loader robot acts as an intelligent manager and supports the extension of other charging points in the same circuit.

    With the Easee ChargeGive your personal access toEasee app and can control and control the charging processes. You see real-time boost data, have control of which person may use your charging point and can lock the charging cable in the charging point by means of the app.

    Why Easee Charge?

    Easee Charge is especially for large parking space and parking garages, as well as applications in companies the perfect solution to build a scalable system for charging infrastructure. You want to gradually electrify your fleet or fleet? Your customers and guests come more often with an electric car and questions for charging options, then you have the Easee Charge the ideal wallbox solution for the future.

    You are insecure which Wallbox suits you? Here is Wallbox guide.

    What charging capacity can I charge my electric car with?

    The Easee Wallbox offers a maximum charging power of 22 kW with a Type 2 connector. All Easee wallboxes are plug-in wallboxes, which means that electric cars must be connected to an external Type 2 Charging Cable connected to the wallbox.

    The Easee Charge is also expandable up to 101 annexes and other charging points. It can intelligently distribute the charging power on a power source to all connected electric cars at the same time.

    What about quality and safety?

    All Easee chargers have fault current protection (RCD Type B, 30 mA AC/ 5 mA DC). The Easee Wallboxes, of course, have a CE mark. Temperature sensors also monitor heat generation during charging operations.

    Which electric cars can I charge?

    All electric cars & plug-in hybrids with a Type 2 connector can be charged on this wallbox, including traps such as vehicles of the brands:
    Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Jaguar, Nissan (from 2017), Audi, Tesla, Volkswagen, Renault, BMW, Smart, Opel, e.GO, Mercedes, Volvo, Polestar, Peugeot, Citroen and all other vehicles with a Type 2 connector.

    You're unsure which wallbox suits you? Click here to go to the Wallbox Guide.

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    Installation and tutorial

    Intelligente Wallbox - welche ist die passende? Wir beraten dich gerne telefonisch bei offenen Fragen. Komm einfach auf uns zu

    E-Autos.de #team

    After being offered a completely overpriced mobile charging station for our Renault Zoe, we went in search of cheap and technically safe alternatives. This led to the idea for the E-Autos.de shop.

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