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    Book tip economy - "The Global Green New Deal" by J. Rifkin

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    Climate Packages, Energy Transport, Firdays for Future - The "Global Green New Deal" describes the end of fossil raw materials up to 2028.

    Rifkins book describes a dramatic change in the earnings market within the next 10 years. in theYear 2028, the cost of solar and wind energy will fall below the cost of atomic energy, oil, gas and coal. According to the author, we are already experiencing a big bubble, which have formed through "stranded investments in the fossil energy industry".  

    Why this book is worth reading for our opinion?

    We want to recommend you as part of our electrified community selected reading from electromobility, sustainability and ecology. All books we have read. They interfere with the understanding of electric cars and the necessary transformation of the automobiles. One understands the advantages, but also the challenges of electromobility much better and gets an idea of ​​how the path to market penetration will run.

    J. Rifkin polarized with its presentation of the economic social model of the next few years. Granted, this book is not necessarily the lightest food, but it is highly interesting and opens up a look at the global changes and the winning train renewable energies.

    Who is the author Jeremy Rifkin?

    He was born in 1945 in Denver (USA). He is an economist, publish and founded the Foundation on Economic Trends (Foet based in Washington). Finally, he taught at the University of Pennsylvania. His books were translated into over 20 languages.


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