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Eiffel - Stand for different wallboxes
Eiffel - Stand for different wallboxes
Eiffel - Stand for different wallboxes
Eiffel - Stand for different wallboxes
Eiffel - Stand for different wallboxes
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    Eiffel - Stand for different wallboxes


    EiffelDoes the affordable stel match suitable for your wallbox, once no house wall is nearby. The Eiffel Stand is a stable, cost-effective stele to set up your wallbox on each parking space, parking or in the entrance area of ​​companies and hotels. Do you book the option "Eiffel Twin"Can you create two charging points at a stele.

    The stand Eiffel Fits optically perfectly into the environment. He is robust and weather resistant. To attach the Eiffel you only need a smaller concrete foundation. Steel bolts to anchoring are included. All details can also be found in the installation instructions here in the product description.

    Eiffel Stand is easy to build and compatible with:

    Why do you need a stand "Eiffel"?

    You have one or more outdoor seats, an employee parking or a free footprint? The nearest building wall for attaching the wallbox is far away and you want to build one or two wallbox charging points? Then the Eiffel standThe perfect solution.

    With the stand Foot Eiffel can be built up to two wallboxes on a stele. It is therefore ideal between two parking spaces to create a well achievable charging point on both sides.

    Is the stand Foot Eiffel compatible with all Wallbox types?

    At the Eiffel Stand can be the modelsWallbox Pulsar, Wallbox Pulsar Plus and Wallbox Commander 2be attached. For a maximum of two wallboxes, a maximum of two wallboxes can be installed per Eiffel Stand and thus create two charging points.

    Of the EiffelIs the robust and timelessly chic stand for the wallboxes. You definitely want to attach only a wallbox to the stand and put emphasis on ergonomics and a small roof over your wallbox? Then look relatively our Stand Pedestal at. Are you concerned? Design and optics, we recommend a look at our elegant Onyx Stehle.

    Which electric cars and plug-in hybrids can I load?

    On an Eiffel, both Wallboxes with type 2 connector connection and wallboxes with type 1 connections can be attached. It can thereforeAll electric cars & plug-in hybridsWith a type 1 or type 2 charging cable, including, for example, vehicles of the brands fall:
    Mercedes, Jaguar, Nissan (from 2017), Audi, Tesla, Volkswagen, Renault, BMW, Smart, Opel, Eggo, Volvo, Volkswagen, Polestar, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and many more

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